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The Compass company organizes various types of events, mainly expeditions and outdoor trainings (f.ex. off-road-school). It also supports the film sets located in difficult-to-access areas due to their geographical conditions.

The company was established in 2000. Initially, we gained a lot of experience in organizing incentive travels. Though being very successful in that field, we came to the conclusion that this type of ‚activity’ doesn’t satisfy us any more. The reason why we backed away was that most of the companies started to misinterpret the idea of what ‚an incentive travel’ was. Hence, the key things were: better equipment in order to extend the company’s offer and improved public relations. Most importantly, Compass managed to create a professional, competent team.

At present, Compass is focused on organizing expeditions, attending the film sets and driving off-road cars.

These are our fundamentals.

Who we are?

It is quite unlike to describe our team as everyone has different kinds of effectiveness.

These people have varied experience and most of them work for us from the very beginning.

Our team consists of experts in: adventure tourism, mountain climbing, speleology, aviation, sailing, off -road, survival, filmmaking and photography. They live in different countries, speak different languages, have many interests and skills and most of all, they are open-minded.

We do not aim at creating an inner circle because our company is always in need of visionary people.

Who are our clients?

The time we were boasting about the references and logos received from our customers has gone by. These days, we only choose those clients who fully comprehend the policy of Compass company.

From our perspective, the client should be a partner: equally in conversation, cooperation or common training, Otherwise, none project will become successful.

Not everyone calls for such services, and not everyone needs such an intensive, active and honest approach.

In other words, our offer is not dedicated to every single person and we prefer it that way. We rely on people who are happy with what they do as only then, they can work in their most creative way for others.

Compass Expedition LTD.
Company number: 09808091
ul. Krochmalniki 12a,  30-428 Kraków – Poland