We put a lot of emphasis on educational form of our expeditions. It involves sightseeing, cultural and sports aspects.
Amongst the target group we notice corporative clients who are very important to us, so we are eager to prepare individual programmes for them. We are extremely satisfied when we cooperate with companies that do not confuse our expeditions with     other forms of entertainment and for whom taking a picture with Masai habitants with the company’s logo in the background is definitely NOT a top priority.

Following this line of thougt, the next element of our expeditions is the desire to leave its mark on the surroundings. We try to encourage our clients to find some space and time for social actions while preparing the programme.
We do what we love, we call ourselves professionals, we try to  be well prepared for unexpected, but taking everything into consideration, we must be aware that sometimes there will be some changes on the schedule. Spontaneity and flexibility are   something natural for us, therefore we expect the same from the participants.

<strong>How do we invent our programmes?</strong>
Apart from our standard offer we are always ready to take a plunge of preparing a special programme in accordance with personal needs of our clients anywhere they choose or simply adjusting our offer according to their wishes.
We do not want to dictate the terms, we even await suggestions from our clients.

Would you like to try something different? Do you think we are like-minded people? Do not hesitate and contact us, giving us some details (number of people, age, sex, interests, the amount of time you have at your disposal, some locations you are interested in and budget).
Knowing all those facts will help us in creating a couple of drafts before we get to doing the real plan that will be satisfying for both parties!

Notice! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that expedition is not exclusively a venture to the far away places such as: North Pole or South Pole, Mt. Everest, desert, jungle  etc.
We are open-minded and ready for various situations and we claim our clients to have the same attitude.

IMPORTANT! We try to organise our expeditions in the most attractive way. Unfortunately, air conditioning or  transport helicopters are not always possible. To sum up, if you cannot  do without your favourite food during expedition and you are scared of a new challenge it is not necessary an offer for you.