Film Project Support

Compass also offers services in a field of securing film locations and providing help in releasing a director’s project.

Professional equipment is used in organising alpine and speleological expedition, professional and extreme sports and it makes possible for us to fulfil even the most difficult production tasks.

We use our best technical equipment, experience, professionalism and qualifications, we can realise a film project in difficult conditions and inaccessible places. We help in selection of unique locations and demanding sceneries. We organise height and driving safety, we also care about the safety of the crew during photo session on body waters.

We cooperate in open air realisation of individual film projects and also reports, documentary films, columns, musical videos, promotion films, advertising spots, etc.

Thanks to consultations with professional film makers, operators and graphic artists we provide a professional material realisation in a matter of its content and technology: scenario, realisation, photos.
It is our aim to realise unusual and effective ideas concerning advertising campaign as well as private initiatives.

We encourage TV stations, operators and others who would like to realise their own original film project to cooperate with us.