Off road academy 1 day course in Poland

Compass off road academy is a great training 1 day course that will allow you to get the feeling of what 4 x 4 is really all about.
It is a special programme dedicated for both: the ambitious beginners and those with some previous off road experience. It is ideal for people who own their 4×4 vehicles and want to discover the full potential of the recreational off roading.

The course is a structured learning programme incorporating both theoretical and practical learning sessions. They are flexible in their application and provide the trainee with all the necessary skills required for off road driving.

We supply technical equipment, qualified instructors, 4×4 vehicles and everything that is neccessary during the course.

Our goal is to ensure that the trainee finishes the course as a much better driver. We focus on all aspects of 4×4 driving in order to ensure that you develop a higher level of understanding of the balance between you and your vehicle.

We place a special emphasis on the following techniques: operating a vehicle safely off road and on the road (when you have terrain tires), conducting routine maintenance checks, general radio communication & convoy, basic recovery techniques, stall/start recovery, safety procedures and accident prevention, hill ascents and descents, off camber trails & corners, river crossings, driving in rocks, sand, mud and through forests.

Below, there is a typical one day programme starting in Cracow (Little Poland)

CRACOW -7:00 a.m. We meet you early in the morning for a coffee and introduce our team. All participants will be given some basic information about our cars and the programme. Then, we are going to a quarry near Cracow.
After a safety briefing, basic recovery techniques and a discussion about how to operate an off road car, you will start to drive in a demanding terrain. You will practice passing some natural obstacles, rocky hillsides, roots and grooves, hill ascents and descents. Our exercices in a quarry are necessary for beginners and let our participants to get ready for more demanding terrain.

09:00 a.m.
After facing the quarries, we are going South, towards Nowy Targ. We will use an express way for the first 35 km to get out faster from civilisation. After that our route towards mountains will be mixed with both: mountain and asphalt roads.
We will cross some mountain rivers and travel across the country so that you can check your abilities in muddy terrain, water crossing, streams and experience some winching.

If weather conditions are good, you can admire breathless view of Tatra Mountains.

12:00 a.m. After dinner we are heading back South West (we will avoid Cracow) towards Bledowska desert. Our route will be a mixture of asphalt and forest trials leading to a final destination: a former sand mine where participants will take a part of their training, which is driving in sandy areas.

19:00-21:00 p.m. heading back to Cracow where our one day off road school programme will end. (on our way back we are driving the cars on normal asphalt roads and the distance to Cracow is about 35 km).

Location: Southern Poland
Duration: 1 day (16 hours) but it can be modified according to preferences and the weather conditions.
Number of participants: we recommend no more that 2 participants in one car but sometimes we have only one person in a car, so it is entirely up to you. Whatever you choose, the price remains the same.
Price: 1900 PLN (350 GBP, 440 EURO) per one day for one car ( maximum 3 participants in a car)



1. Is it possible to make a longer training than 1 day?

Generally, we organise 1 or 2 day programme (depending on customers’ preferences). Certainly, during 2 days you can learn more but we realise that too much of a physical effort may be not acceptable for some people.
Our programme starts in Southern Poland (most of our clients choose Cracow or Katowice – 2 biggest cities in the area). We can arrange a longer training or change the destination point, if necessary.

We usually pick up our customers directly from the hotel and later, we drop them there but the choice of the place where they want to stay is entirely up to them.

We can’t write a typical framework programme, because it depends on the starting and ending point, season of the year, weather conditions and duration.
What we can guarantee is that during our training we will prepare the best road conditions for training, according to duration, customers’ skills and other factors.

2. Do you have a desert in Poland?

Yes, we do. It is called Bledowska Desert and it is Central Europe’s largest accumulation of loose sand in an area situated away from the sea.
For more info see >>> Bledowska Desert

3. What do we drive?

Nissan patrol, Land rover Defender and Mercedes G.

We drive our vehicles in hard conditions so we can’t promise that you will get a particular vehicle. Everything is changing while being on the road and cars can be broken as well.
If you really want to drive a chosen model let us know earlier, so that we can organise everything according to your choice.
Below, there are some photos and videos.

4. What is the number of participants?

We can take up to 3 participants into one car but remember that the less people there, the more time for your training.
Of course, we can organise training for more people providing more vehicles.
Almost everything is possible but please, keep in mind that in some trials routes 5 vehicles at one time are too dangerous and can make unnecessary traffic that could have a bad influence on a training programme.
If the group is bigger, you will learn the rules of driving in a convoy.

5. What do I need to take with me?

First of all, take some warm clothes but as it can get very hot in the summer, we also suggest packing some light clothes to wear during the day (everyone should take an extra set of clothes in case of getting wet while crossing the river). In colder months of the year, we recommend taking very warm clothes and solid, comfortable footwear. You should supply yourself with toiletries, an extra pair of warm socks, a rainproof jacket, sunglasses, a warm sleeping bag (in case of sleeping on the desert, which is an optional activity) and fleece sweatshirts.

6. What is the duration of the training?

Approximately, it is about 16 hours per day. Sometimes, it can last shorter or longer depending on terrain and weather conditions and customers’ preferences.

7. What is the route length?

We drive about 260 km a day (160 miles).
Our routes are carefully planned and aimed at avoiding asphalt roads whenever possible.
Southern Poland gives us a lot of possibilities in choosing various terrain conditions such us: sandy desert, quarries, muddy terrain, river crossing, mountains, post-mining terrain and also some special racetracks for off-road cars.

8. Who can be a participiant?

Everyone who is a responsible person, able to deal with difficult conditions and ready to accept that everything can be suddenly changed.
Please, do understand that our programme has nothing to do with tourist driving or recreational jeep safari organised by so many companies all over the world.
We take a plunge to teach you as much as possible, making out the most of our equipment. In return, we expect responsibility and nerves of steel, because in the end, you will be the one driving the car. People willing to drive the car must possess a valid driving licence.

9. Is the weather influence important?

We try to avoid writing on our web page typical detailed programmes because of the changing weather conditions and seasons of the year that can have a huge impact on the training.
There are also conditions such as: starting and ending point, duration (1 or 2 days ) and also individual preferences and skills of participants.

10. Can we modify the route?

We are always open to all customers’ suggestions and we can add some new places on our route, not exclusively connected with off road training. Southern Poland offers a lot of different and tempting attractions.

11. Do you provide food?

Yes, we do supply food – it is up to our customers if it is a restaurant or bonfire somewhere on the route. We know the area very well and we are prepared for all options.
Our customers don’t have to decide before starting their off road trainig programme because we are easy-going and such things are organised straight away. Besides that, we have experience in dealing with much more difficult cases.