Off road school

Off Road school in Compass is a professional training within the scope of rally driving in off-road cars in difficult and challenging conditions. We train in an extensive, interesting and attractive way. We teach how to become a self-reliant, confident person and how to overcome natural obstacles.
We try to adjust our training programme to the time of our clients, their finances, location and the number of participants.
The time of the training is excusively up to the client. The same with the location of the training. The only thing that really matters is finding a difficult geographically area and being the least troublesome for the environment, national parks and private areas.
Of course, we suggest going to the places that we had tested before such as Cracow surroundings, where the participants can try driving through the quarries, wetlands or sandy areas. However, we do not have limitations concerning the location.
We are also ready to undertake such a project in other countries.
Off Road school trains in a safe and extensive manner. We teach people how to cope with the various conditions f.ex. driving through the wetlands, uphill roads or sandy areas.
We demonstrate how to overcome natural obstacles and how to make use of the professional equipment (winches, platforms, fork-lifts and kinetic ropes), especially in those situations when there is no one to help. We teach our participants to assess the capabilities of their own as well as of their cars, not to mention the geographical conditions of the area.
We show how to use the road books or how to operate GPS.

Our training often goes hand in hand with first aid course. We understand that this kind of education is crucial in everybody’s life. The combination of these two trainings allows the participants to create a strong team, to learn about cooperation, to master driving in off-road cars and to become responsive in everyday’s life.
All the participants will drive: Mercedes G, Nissan Patrol and Land Rover Defender.
The trainings are conducted by experienced professionals with the valuable know-how that they possessed by making their own mistakes. That wisdom makes them the right people in the right place with the right to teach other people.
‚One who makes no mistakes makes nothing.’

From the participants, we expect: valid driving licence, category B, self-control, resistance to difficult conditions and a spare set of clothes (in case of getting wet while driving through rivers).

Off road academy 1 day course in Poland