Special projects

Special projects

Special Projects are designed for those who look for something more than incentive, off road or paintball

Our special projects are suited to our customers’ individual needs.

People who take part in our special projects are open minded, creative and imaginative. They are familiar without offer and decide on the special projects because they want employees to experience something amazing, awesome and unique. They simply expect the script to run out of control. We want them to get thrilled, become different people and make them learn something new about themselves.

Because of the fact that the offer is really unique we cannot present it on our website or in our catalogue. We can only guarantee that such projects are made within reason and in compliance with the law.

Our special projects differ from team building games based on scripts such as: ‘we live in 2148, the earth has been attacked by aliens. Your task is to find a magic ring to save human race…’. Of course our projects are based on fictitious items, too. The difference is that we do it in such a way that the participants believe that it is really happening – that it is the reality. They get a real kick off and are strongly motivated to cooperate and

To create such a program our people responsible for this offer use not only our equipment such as quads, 4×4 vehicles and other cars, gps’ but also Belarussian Police uniforms, helicopter, planes, parachutes, military vehicles, and gang-style clothes, black BMW with Ukrainian number plates, leather jackets, designer tracksuits and expensive sunglasses for the passengers. Just try to imagine the rest

This offer is for those who look for something unique, something that is different from usual teambuilding games, off road, quad trails, rope competition or paintball. If you like challenges, that is what you need.

To help you understand the full potential of our offer we invite everyone eager to use our services to Cracow to take part in a one-day excursion during which we are going to present our ideas. It is the best form of presenting our offer for both, our customers and us, because showing it on the Internet: